Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Godzilla View-Master!


I wish I had this set, so I could see for myself if it's based on the cartoons (unlikely, given the title "Godzilla's Rampage"), or if it was more on the Marvel Comics (more likely, given the cover image is more or less taken from Marvel's Godzilla #1), or if it was all-new for View-Master (perhaps the most likely of all!).

A quick Google search turned up this sample from the reels:

It sure looks more like the Marvel Comics than I expected, but still probably all-new...


  1. Definitely not all new. That panel shown is from Godzilla #1, as is most of the rest of the viewmaster.

  2. Thanks, sean -- I only wish all three reels were available to view online!

  3. The cover art is based on Marvel #1, but it's not exactly the same. The View Master's cover is Seattle (which is fun, since I just moved there). The Marvel cover just seems like some random city, but this one is obviously Seattle (Space Needle, monorail and Mt. Rainier in the background).

    I feel honored that Godzilla attacked Seattle.

  4. So Eric, does it look like the art was done by Herb Trimpe, the artist of the Marvel Godzilla book?

    I'm guessing it has to at least be mostly new, because even if it was adapted from the Godzilla comic, they'd have to eliminate any reference to SHIELD...

  5. I think it's a different animator who sort of ripped off the Herb Trimpe style. I haven't seen what's on the viewmaster discs (aside from a handful of shots) and it just looks different.

    Maybe it's jut hard to tell. Also, they could have made a new cover and then used the comic books for the story.

  6. I guess we'll have to wait for someone who owns it to come clean on it... or else I'll just have to get it myself some day!

  7. There is one on Ebay right now. It's got two of the three reels. The captions are readable, one saying "Godzilla rose from the waters of Puget Sound."

    The whole thing takes place in Seattle (I'm genuinely excited). They mention the Space Needles, Elliot Bay... and it seems to be based upon Marvel Comics #2: http://www.kaijuphile.com/rodansroost/comics/mcg02.shtml

    Mystery pretty well solved! They ripped off issue one's art, replacing NYC landmarks with Seattle's. As for the art on the discs, I'm assuming it's lifted directly from the comic.

  8. You're probably right, but I'll wait until a complete one comes up for bidding sometime to verify that for myself...

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