Thursday, February 12, 2009

King Kong Escapes Still!



  1. I always wonder, between shooting scnes and standing on tehir marks, what these actors from two very different cultures are thinking. None of them bilingual, they're dependent upon translators for communication, and perhaps wondering how the heck their careers led to this soundtage. And is "Madame Piranha" looking off-camera at the stuntman in the fuzzy gorilla suit? Oh, and you're showing your favoritism towards Linda Miller again..........

  2. It's hard to say what they were thinking... I remember reading that Nick Adams (Monster Zero, War of the Gargantuas) decided he enjoyed living in Japan, and moved there (he was apparently pretty popular there, too).

    So far as the choice of item today? Well, I randomized the order of all the items I had for this blog before I started, so it's purely coincidental that another King Kong Escapes still's come up!

  3. Believe me, my remark about Linda Miller's ubiquitous presence of late is NOT a complaint!