Monday, February 2, 2009

Gigantis, The Fire Monster Lobby Card!



  1. Perhaps my favorite of the many sequels, if only for its darkness and pervading sense of gloom, very reminiscent of the original. However truncated for U.S. release (no Godzilla named? no signature roar?), it is grim stuff and for a long time the most difficult of the Godzilla movies to see (it seemed to fall out of rotation on TV schedules for most of the Seventies and Eighties))

  2. I've only seen it once... I found myself wishing it could be properly redubbed from the original to fit in the Godzilla series properly!

    Of course, the reason it was "Gigantis" instead of "Godzilla" is because Warners released it, and didn't want to pay for the rights to the name "Godzilla." I'm sure you knew that already, though, David!