Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Son of Godzilla Fake Comic Book Cover!


A bit of a story behind this one, the first image I've shared here that's faked! A number of years ago, a much more popular blogger than I, Mark Evanier, posted a series of Dick Van Dyke comic book covers, published by Gold Key, in his blog. Problem was, Gold Key Comics never published a Dick Van Dyke series - nor did anyone else! Thanks to PhotoShop, it's easy to create your own comic book cover mock-ups.

Well, inspired by that, I thought, "You know, it's a shame there weren't any Godzilla comics until the Marvel series of the 1970s... it's amazing nobody adapted the movies at all!" So, I started searching for images to use, and I figured that at least the first few movie adaptations would've been done by Dell Comics, and at some point Gold Key would've picked it up (much like what happened with many other licensed properties).

Eventually, I would go on to mock up many more fake comic book covers, and during the year plus I was writing a column called "Cover Stories" for World Famous Comics, once a month my column would be titled "Comics They Never Made," and I'd feature these!

So here's the first one I'm sharing! There will be more!

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