Saturday, November 8, 2008

Gigantis the Fire Monster Italian Lobby Card!


As I'm sure you know, Gigantis was the first sequel to the original Godzilla, but because it was picked up in the USA by a different distributor who didn't want to license the Godzilla name, it was decided to rename him Gigantis. I've seen the Gigantis version, and the re-scripting job on it is just awful... I'd love to see if any of the versions titled "Godzilla Raids Again" are any better!


  1. "Godzilla Raids Again" is the same film, differing only by a superimposed title card change. Actually, I was annoyed that even the new super-fancy release doesn't have the "Gigantis" title (it's always remained the original dub).

  2. Well, that's a darn shame, Devlin... but thanks for letting me know I don't need to be searching for something that doesn't exist!