Saturday, April 3, 2010

Destroy All Monsters Half Sheet!



  1. Mothera*Godzilla*Rodan*MANDA!?! Manda got billing over Ghidorah?

    Great find.

  2. I've always wondered exactly what that monster to the far right is supposed to be. Mothra? I guess by process of elimination, it must be. I guess the guy with the horn on his nose is either Gorosaurus or Baragon, or both.

  3. Biuskreem, I never understood that, either... I guess Atragon had done well?

    Scott, that is probably supposed to be Mothra, since it was larva Mothra, wasn't it?

  4. Well, this IS a poster by illustrator Reynold Brown, so the discrepancies in it are somewhat understandable. Apparently, it was fairly common for him to produce under ridiculous deadlines with only limited (if any) reference material to work from. It wouldn't surprise me if half the monsters that appear on the poster were described to him over the phone.

    "And put Mothra on there too... no I don't have a picture of it... it's basically a big caterpillar..."

  5. Thanks for the info, Mysterious Pants!