Friday, January 1, 2010

Son of Godzilla Japanese Poster?


Well, certainly there's a lot from Son of Godzilla here, but not all the images are from Son of Godzilla -- I'm not even sure they all come from Godzilla movies!


  1. I suspect that the poster is a mishmash of 6 different stories. I can't read all of the words, but it states something about a Champion Festival. It could have been a movie marathon.
    I've seen all of the new releases here since 2000 and they are usually paired up with a Hamster movie, proving that they were still marketed for children, however more mature the Godzilla stories became. If I can find it, I have some toys that they gave away at the theatres meshing Godzilla & a Hamster. Darned cute, I must say.

  2. this poster dates from the period(early 70s)in which Toho asked Ishiro Honda to edit six of his Godzilla films down to 70 mins.(!)to be shown with other short films and cartoons for a sort of Saturday Matinee roadshow kinda thing. i believe the hero in white is Rainbowman.

  3. Thanks to you both for the information!

  4. yep - what they both said, this is the top half of a 2-sheet for the 1973 re-release of Son of Godzilla plus the other movies for the Champion Matsuri Film Festival